Artist Statement

My painting medium is transparent watercolor.  To me, it is the closest paint I have found to depict light.  It is the exact opposite of the opaque mediums of oil and acrylic.  Those mediums are additive, you can put a light value of paint over a dark value.  In watercolor, the opposite is true; the paper is part of the art.  I don't use either white or black paint.  Every time I put paint on the paper I am taking away the light.  Think of it as stained glass.  I use multiple layers of transparent paint to achieve a new color. It's a lot like flying a kite.  There is the freedom of flowing paint with enough control to create representational imagery. The challenge is to have it appear effortless. To that end, I will always be learning and growing as an artist.

Jane Iten, NWS, WW

Averett University, Danville VA, BA, Art
Hollins University, Hollins VA, MALS, Painting